Sports IDEAS Symposium

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The Sports IDEAS Symposium has two main goals for the sports data and information community: access and practice.


ACCESS: The Sports IDEAS Symposium provides a platform for sports analysts to gain exposure to new information, new methods of evaluation, and to one another. IDEAS focuses on the next generation through conversations about the best ways to look at data, problems, and best practices in and across sports.

PRACTICE: The Sports IDEAS Symposium provides a look inside sport to better understand the analytics community while encompassing historical, current, and future issues. IDEAS is not just focused on theory, but also on the translation and implementation of analytical tools and thought processes.

Keynote Speakers:

Brian Kopp (Phoenix Sports Partners)

Alexandra Mandrycky (Seattle Kraken)

Evan Wasch (Executive Vice President, Basketball Strategy & Analytics at NBA)

Panel Themes:

Getting Started Doing Analytics

Tracking data in sports – How to Drive IMPACT

Diversity in sports analytics

Jobs outside of sports: the good, the bad, and the 8 hour work day

Teams that Won it All

Michael Lopez, PhD Director of Football Data & Analytics  Meghan Chayka Co-Founder, Stathletes  
Seth Partnow NBA Analyst – The Athletic  Alison Lukan Freelance writer, Data-driven storyteller